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My Papa, who passed away 17 years ago yesterday, 9th March in 2000. MY FIRST BEST FRIEND I spent countless hours with him on evenings, after school, watching documentaries, action movies, sci-fi serials, you name it. He taught me how to predict movie plots, and what’s necessary to tell a story, which I use even […]

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The Price of Progress

It wasn’t so long ago, you could’ve walked straight up to your neighbour’s front door and ask them for ice, sugar, salt or margarine any time of the day! And it wasn’t considered offensive either! Communities, did not have so many walls, fences and gates around houses. Streets were filled with children aspiring to be […]

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Why I removed 400+ ‘Friends’ from my Friends list on Facebook

I admit, I was on an adding spree at one point in my life, which lead to me having nearly 1K friends. Yet having so many friends on my list, made almost no difference to my life in any way, other than saying “I have almost one thousand friends on facebook”. It’s not that, suddenly […]

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