Is this where I talk about myself in the third-person?

I personally think the “About” section of a blog, is almost redundant. What’s the blog about? Well read it and you’ll find out!

However, if your intention is to learn about me in a nutshell, here goes:

My name is Amit P. RameshwarSingh. Born and raised in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, home of the most popular Carnival show on earth. I’ve got over 15 years in the advertising and media industry. Design & Art speak to me and I never stop evolving.

*sigh… now to list my proficiencies and accomplishments

I’m a

  • Self-taught Graphic Designer
  • Self-taught Web-Designer
  • Self-taught Photographer
  • Self-taught Videographer and Video Editor
  • Self-taught Motion-Graphic Designer / Animator
  • I wrote, directed, filmed, edited & distributed a Short-film
  • I produced, directed, funded & edited a full season of a T.V. show
  • I conceived, founded, developed & single-handedly launched a website for women,
  • I founded & created a national classifieds website called
  • I also published my own web-comics for some time.

All-in-all, I’m really just a sketch-artist who loves to draw and create. I’ve dipped my hands in acrylic paintings, but my heart lies in a pencil & paper.

After so many accomplishments and experiments, I’ve decided to become an internet venturer (if that’s a thing), in my little 3rd-world country, where I’m using my decade’s worth of knowledge to build my own dream company.

If you were wondering if I sleep? The answer is not really. It’s my worst ability. NOT KIDDING.

This “About” will evolve over time because I’m not done accomplishing goals. I have a lot more to reveal so stay tuned!

My previous portfolio websites are