The Happiest I’ve ever been!

No Really…

My previous articles have been quite of a downer and focused a lot on negative aspects of my life previously, however, it isn’t as melancholy anymore, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

I’m actively chasing lifelong dreams and accomplishing many in ever positive spirits, with the girl of my dreams at my side and the right people around me, finally! My other grander dreams keep becoming more realistic and possible to pursue the more I push and accomplish these smaller dreams.

It’s almost like playing a video game, where you finish smaller levels and fight mini-bosses to go on to the bigger, harder levels. But if you had not played the earlier levels and learned the game mechanics, you would have never been able to conquer the harder ones.

The world isn’t a stage, it’s a big videogame!

Everything is amazingly falling into place, step-by-step, day-by-day, which I didn’t think was possible at one point.

The journey to reach here wasn’t easy, to say the least (see my previous articles), and the road ahead isn’t paved with gold either and never will be. To think it’s gonna be perfect from here on out after I’ve been through, what I believe to be my worst experiences is as foolish as believing in this thing called “luck” still.

The main reason I chose to open up about my downfalls and struggles isn’t for attention as some close-minded people may think, but actually to reach out in my own way, to people who are going through or have gone through what I’ve gone through and haven’t healed and don’t know how to or think there’s no hope left.

I’m living proof there is always hope, even in the darkest of moments, you just need to “hold strain” as we say.

Talking with quite a lot of people over the years, hearing tons of stories about all different types of relationships, I’ve noticed we all need a little push or encouragement to “keep moving forward” (my stolen mantra) and something to relate to when we’ve become stuck in the tunnel of depression.

I’m no longer depressed and haven’t been for quite some years now. But I didn’t overcome it overnight or one day or even a few months either. It took some time and a lot of skin-shedding and perspective-changing to reach here.

I’m not going to pretend I’m 100% healed and perfect, no one really is. I know now how, with my vastly changed perspective on life, to deal with problematic people, who are essentially or a majority of why we all face depression.

I look back now and understand why I actually had to go through what I went through. Because if I had not, I would not be as immensely confident and fearless about chasing the one big dream I have (my life is a video game analogy applies here)!

I don’t fear death, but I’m conscious of mortality and know our time is limited here. I strongly believe in karma and reincarnation, which are the driving forces for why I remain stable about my pursuits and help me understand all that I’ve been through and the road ahead.

All the work and knowledge I’ve gained in this life will transfer over into my other, that’s why I push to do and learn more as I go. That is my humble belief and is why I believe some kids are born a certain way.

Happiness is achievable, we just need to find our own way to achieve it and not everyone’s story will be the same. That my friend is what makes us unique.

Some may look at my life and wonder what do I really have to be happy about or if I’m just faking it like everyone else. To that, I say what makes me happy doesn’t have to make everyone else happy, vice versa, and that’s okay. What other people perceive about me or happiness doesn’t really make a difference to me, so I live and let be.

Just know that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

What do you think?


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