Stay true to your dreams, even if it kills you!

Okay, it sounds a bit dramatic I know, however, there’s substance to this statement, other than shock-value, so it’s not all “clickbait”. Read on to understand why.

I’m a Dreamer

If dreaming is a fool’s game, then I’m one of the biggest fools of them all. As I look back at my life, the things I dreamt of, and actually accomplishing them, through rainy days, storms of emotions, winds of change and typhoons of learning lessons, all I can say is keep dreaming my friend… they do come true if you stick through it all.

But there’s a sorta trick to it and I’ll show you how. Please understand, that money isn’t one of my dreams, so this won’t apply to the greedy ones out there. Sorry, not really.

None of the childhood dreams I accomplished in adulthood came to me easily. Through every accomplishment, I had to sacrifice and push through a lot. I’ve literally learnt if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

I’ve switched between many roles and different lifestyles every step of the way, way out of my comfort zone, yet never have I ever been untrue to myself when doing so. By that I mean I did not abandon everything and live a completely different lifestyle.

I kept moving forward.

That fake it till you make it, is bullshit advice to follow. It’s a hollow lifestyle that requires inebriation just to get by every day. It’s something that only sounds good as a sales pitch or when you have nothing of substance to say.

If being a parrot is your style, then go ahead, squawk away.

The universe rewards you over and over once you’re true to who you really are and who you want to be and in more ways than one. The rewards of a fake lifestyle are as hollow as the lifestyle itself.

Failure I’ve noticed comes from when you’ve strayed from the path of your true passion. False success is also a failure in its own way.

Sticking to the Plan

I’ve stuck to the plan even when the plans don’t work anymore. By this, I mean that I stuck to the overall dream I had when the plans I had, failed. I had to pause, reassess my situation, rethink my approach, go back to the drawing board, find the willpower to continue, restart and get back on track. I wrote an entire article about this here.

It was necessary when my plans failed because when I thought I had it right, I soon realised I wasn’t going to achieve the original goal if I continued along that path.

Failure is a re-alignment of sorts. You have to embrace it to realise this.

It’s never easy, nor should it ever be.

If our dreams came easy to us we would never appreciate them. That’s our nature as humans it seems.

We feel more satisfied and accomplished when we’ve worked hard for what we’ve earned. Personal, internal satisfaction and happiness is the goal, not the show you put on for it. 

Pretending to be accomplished is a hollow life.

The Journey

The joy is really in the journey, as cliche as it sounds, it really is. The end result is never really as cracked up as it seemed to be. Trust me on this. This is why a lot of people struggle after success, as funny as it sounds. They thought it would’ve been a much more satisfying feeling in the end. It hardly ever is.

This is why so many achievers move on to the next thing as quickly as they can. Remaining in your glory for too long is a fool’s game and a path to an unfulfilling life.

When it comes down to it, all we’re truly proud of are not the accolades or rewards we gather. We think it should be, however, what really matters are the memories and journeys we’ve experienced along the way. That’s the key to happiness I’ve realised.

The challenges we face and the ability to conquer them define who we really are. No one is really interested in a story where everything was easy and nothing went wrong. We may think we want it easy, but that’s just a “lazy man’s” dream.

An easy life usually leads to boredom and boredom usually leads to irrational decisions. 

Staying True

The truth is we are all dreamers, some may have lost their passion at some point in life, but we were all dreamers once upon a time. The ones I’ve noticed who give up usually have a simpleton lifestyle, nothing much goes on, they’re relatively stable and they make ends meet. Nothing is wrong with that if that’s what you truly want from life.

If however, you’re a true dreamer and not a pretentious dreamer, you should always stick to the plan, even when it gets tough. Take time to rest, don’t give up. I’ll tell you why.

Pretentious dreamers can give up on dreams when it’s convenient for them, they impress a few for some time but they either burn out and become has-beens or never really had a dream, to begin with.

True dreamers can’t breathe if they don’t follow their passion, it’s like ripping out a vital organ from them. Depression kicks in and life becomes permanently grey. Sounds dramatic but it is what it is for a true dreamer.

They rather remain alone following their dream than being surrounded by peers of non-dreamers. Like I’ve said, failure loves company.

Suffering to accomplish dreams does not actually feel like suffering to a true dreamer. Suffering only comes to those who are not following their true passion.

That’s why I recommend following your dreams, if you’re a true dreamer, even if it kills you because if you don’t you might as well be dead.

What do you think?


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