My Love for Women and the Birth of HerSTYLS

Usually, when a Trini Man says he loves women, it usually means he’s a womanizer or something of the sort. Not this Trini Man, however. I’ve always said, if you truly love women, you wouldn’t use, manipulate or harm them. As a man, you’ll be somewhat protective of them but not controlling, at their side and not in front of them.

I’ve said this time and time again, I love everything about women, the good the bad and the ugly. I don’t tolerate some things that women think makes them “women”, such as over-jealousness, insecurities, superiority complexes, sexism, or competitive behaviour. And yes, I’ve met many feminine women who don’t have those qualities.

If it weren’t for women, we would literally not exist. Men as well, but the point I’m making is that women carry more of the burden and it doesn’t just stop at birth, but mothers carry the burden of children for their entire lives. Loving mothers at least.

A woman would love unconditionally, I think that’s what makes her a woman. She is nimble yet strong. Women I believe are stronger than men, emotionally, though they appear not to be at times, that’s what makes them who they are. They are dynamic and adapt quickly.

As the saying goes, a woman’s touch is very different from a man’s. They are the balance that’s needed in this cruel world, for it was run by only men, we would have destroyed ourselves a very long ago.

I’m not trying to say women are superior, neither am I saying they’re equal. Women and men are different, that’s all. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, none really better than the other, much like the fish’s ability to climb a tree.

Women I believe are natural caretakers, although some are not, that’s okay. The majority of women I’ve interacted with are natural caretakers and caregivers.

This is why, back in 2015 I decided to serenade them with the online brand I single-handedly created, “HerSTYLS”. I was inspired by the women around me, and of course, my very own mother, who was an average single mother for nearly fifteen years at the time. I saw her struggles and that she never allowed anything to “defeat” her or get the better of her. She’s not perfect but she remained who she was despite all that the world threw at her.

I knew, from experience, some women wanted to be appreciated, and what better way to show my appreciation for them than to showcase and let them tell their story in a classy, tasteful way. Unfortunately soon after the successful launch, I put the brand on hold for I realised, ironically some women attached to it were using it as it was not intended for.

It was like milking a calf. Before the brand even gained roots, and though it showed great promise and everyone was on board, even zealous for it, there were those who were walking around trying to capitalize on the name. At one point, one of them thought she should be the face of the brand. They didn’t realise this was a brand for all women, not just one woman.

So although I shut down the operation at the time, I kept the unique name because I fell in love with it and knew that I would always come back to it. I knew I had to keep my vision alive though for years it seemed dormant.

It has now evolved into an online clothing brand, however, the original vision to support and showcase women is still at its core. Essentially it needed to generate funds to survive since that was one of the key factors at launch that was missing. I’ve relinquished most of the brand power to my current life partner whom I’ve known for over eighteen years because I know and trust she will treat it with the same care and thought that I did.

She has all of the qualities I love in women (and more) and I could not think of anyone better to be at the forefront for this project. God forbid if things did not work out for us, it’s still my gift to her for all that she’s done for me, for which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay.

I knew a woman had to be at the forefront of the name I just didn’t realise it was her. I envisioned it would happen one day, since its inception, and it has come to pass. I always knew it would be something great one day and with so many other projects on my plate currently and future plans for others, I wouldn’t be able to give HerSTYLS the care and attention it needs.

It has been several years since I’ve conceptualized, created and launched HerSTYLS. Since then I’ve launched another spin-off brand, “TriniGrl” to complement it, as well as another secretly in the works. So, why not use HerSTYLS name throughout? I felt HerSTYLS was meant to be the parent brand and these other brands could focus on what they were designed for, the best.

HerSTYLS is my gift to women of not only Trinidad, but the world, and I trust it will become great one day. Leonardo Da Vinci poured his heart and soul into the Mona Lisa and it has stood the test of time. I believe I’ve poured my heart and soul into HerSTYLS, it has stood the test of time so far and one day it will be appreciated by a wide, preferably female, audience as it was intended for.

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