It’s July 2020 and my last major article here on was Nov 2018!!
To be honest, back then, I intended to write at least 1 article per week and wrote a series of “cliff note” articles intending to release them one by one.

However some subject matter about my recent past, especially related to my experience in the Entertainment industry, a la ‘Amit Productions’ phase, I felt I would’ve found myself in some unnecessary “bacchanal” by indirectly exposing some people I once knew about their true, sly, manipulative side, that hardly anyone knows. These factors were unfortunately integral to the reasons why some things happened in my past that sort of pushed me to where I am now. So I contemplated for some time if I should write about it.

I could have put a strain on my time doing this by opening this can of worms.

I simply didn’t have the energy for yet another “he-said, she-said” situation, similar to what I faced in court prior, which went on for years! My contemplation became a form of “writers-block” and I struggled to complete articles satisfactorily enough.

Around that time, I found myself formulating plans for the next three years of my Online Web Ventures.

I would love to say I worked constantly, however, the road was filled with a lot of intense work and long pauses in-between, either due to frustration or simply getting distracted.

I needed to balance
1) making money to fund said dreams
2) both my physical and mental health and
3) figuring out a proper execution timeline.

When one great idea presented itself another idea soon followed (or a bunch of smaller ideas), then another, and another and so on. Soon my entire apartment wall was filled with ideas. This prolonged my process but it was necessary.

Me mapping out plans and timelines. No kidding, it was similar to this, minus the cig & razy face!

Ideas are a fools’ game if there’s no execution plan to back it up. I needed to figure out timelines and stick to them otherwise I’d just be forever chasing the unreachable dream(s).

I felt like Disney who just acquired the Star Wars franchise and started mapping out my “movie premiere” dates. Only, I don’t plan to mess it up as they did, and all intellectual properties originated with me, so I took extra care of them.

In the past, the few grand ideas I had, were undermined by poor execution and overwhelmed lifestyle. I had tasted the bittersweet success of releasing an idea, but feeling the sting of poor execution.

I needed to do things right this time around.

Fast forward a year and some months later, all my plans (plus newer ones), have finally begun to see the light of day. TriniFreelance, MyTriniTutor, Trini Commercial, Trini Residential, Trini Apartment, Trini Ad Net, Trinispace V2, The (new) TnTRiver, TriniPixel just to name a few… plus I’ve been in a stable, encouraging, loving and promising, living-together relationship since 2019. Something I didn’t anticipate happening. I felt I would be too busy to commit to one person, yet here I am!

We also converted one of my rooms into my new photo studio and office which will further propel my ventures sooner than anticipated. I’m way ahead of my timeline in some aspects.

I’ve even gone so far as to develop my own proprietary software for Model Management and another to manage my ever-growing portfolio of the original online web-based properties I own, as previously mentioned.

So that about summarizes it for what I’ve been up to since 2018. It’s a lot to read I’m sure. Imagine living / doing it! There’s literally no one in my country doing what I’m doing or has done what I’ve done or going to do. So I’m figuring out what comes next as I observe what works and what doesn’t.

What’s next? Well you’re just going to have follow this blog to find out more! I promise you won’t be bored.

Oh, I also adopted 3 cats that were born in my apartment. Their mother, a domesticated stray cat, befriended my son and she wouldn’t leave. She eventually got pregnant and had her litter. She has since disappeared. Her offsprings have gotten attached to us. Yet another positive thing I didn’t anticipate. See some pics of them.