One Small Step

Not often do I get emotional for a short-film, however, this one certainly evoked something in me. I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, UNDOUBTEDLY LOVE IT!!

I watched it about a year ago, and remembered it being emotional and loving it, but couldn’t remember exactly what it was about. So I followed the studio behind it, TAIKO Studios, on social media and have watched their progress since!

I decided to repay it a visit tonight, while I work, after seeing an update. It was surely something I needed.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own animated studio, for the very same reason as this short-film, along with others. This film surely revitalizes my vision and reminds me of why I’ve been working this hard all these years.

I can’t wait for another year to pass, to re-watch it after I’ve forgotten the details to relive my love for it!