I stood in the doorway, and I said “Classifieds… it’s basically text” to my then, ex-wife who was clueless as to what I was ranting about. It hit me like a rock.

“Why not a website dedicated to classifieds alone?”, I thought. My mind was racing… It was an epiphany moment.

It seems obvious now, but back then it wasn’t.

myspace, icq, msn, iphoneThe year was 2007 there was no dedicated website for this in Trinidad. People were mis-using bulletin-boards on media sites intended only for chatting as classifieds (still are sadly).
Facebook had not even reached our shores as yet, MySpace was ‘the thing’, people were still communicating with ICQ and MSN Messenger.
Twitter was just 1-year old, Instagram wasn’t even a thought as the iPhone had basically just launched!

I eagerly went the next day in work to research my idea, only to realise Craigslist was doing this more than a decade ago in America.

I wanted to pursue it, but was technically incapable of programming and designing such a massive website myself.

So I shelved the idea and honestly, sort of waiting for someone else to come up with and launch it.

Fast forward a few years later. I got into a lucrative business partnership and we were shopping around for programmers to design our “revolutionary” auto website that would ‘take Trinidad by storm’. At least we thought it would.

Web designers back then were either too difficult to work with, not human-friendly or unreliable. So it fell on me to design the site since I was the only capable one.

Although I was a novice I saw it as a challenge I could overcome. I had taught myself graphic designs and video editing, so learning web programming on my own seemed possible. Difficult, but possible.

At the time I was juggling taking care of my 1-year-old son and a few freelance jobs per year.

Within 4-6 months I consumed books upon books on my iPad and online tutorials about creating websites. Through obsessive trial-and-error, I finally was able to produce a presentable website for our business.

It was technically archaic but visually modern. After 2 painstaking months, I launched our online catalogue.

My business partner said it was a masterpiece!

What followed, were dark moments and nothing I could have ever anticipated.

One year later, my trusted business partner, someone I considered like a brother, methodically cut me out of our business deal after 3-years, when the money finally started coming in.

I was broken.

3-years of building a business to only be forced out for greed.

Much like many of my phases in life, I didn’t dwell on it too much. Instead, I decided to keep moving forward and further my exploration into web programming.

I would spend almost another year going deeper into the rabbit-hole, teaching myself in-depth web programming while taking care of my son.

The goal was finally creating the classifieds website I dreamt of in 2007 and in June of 2012 I registered the domain TriniSpace.com

The original trinispace.com

In the same year I launched Trinispace.com, my then wife walked out on me. It’s funny when you pursue dreams, the universe automatically removes obstacles in your life.

It was devastating at the time because I missed my son terribly, but I kept moving forward. When I look back I realised it was necessary for the growth of my vision. My business partnership and my marriage were already on the decline and were dead weights in my life. They had to go.

The following year I went all-in on Trinispace and thus began the community is has become now

I’ve dedicated it to my son since he was part of the journey, even if he doesn’t know it. His name can be seen in the footer of the website.

Trinispace, however, has more or less been a hobby for over 6-years, since I haven’t made a cent from it. The frontal design has evolved over time, while the back-end has pretty much remained the same.

Trinispace version 1

I would take a detour and pursue other dreams. while funding Trinispace.com, keeping the website completely free for Trinis to use.

At one point I went bankrupt and the site got locked down due to the failure of payments. I had to make a choice to let go the vision or keep trotting on. Much like an Olympian who has fallen during a race, I chose to get back up and head towards the finish line, even if I don’t get gold, the journey must continue.

After my failed ventures otherwise, I’ve returned to Trinispace, because it has always been where my heart resided.

I’ve totally revamped the website outsourcing programmers and designers from the ground up, otherwise known as Version 2, which I will launch in 2019 along with other online plans I have.

More than 10-years later after conception I’m on the brink of another major chapter in my journey of Trinispace. It literally changed my life and now that I’m fully equipped to take it to the next level, I’m going all-in with my vision and whether I deserve it or not the universe will decide that.

I just have to keep moving forward.