Hot off the success of “The Package” short-film I did, I started my own media company. With dreams of eventually producing my own short-films and maybe one day an actual feature film. I tasted “freedom” and wanted more!

I had dreamed of this moment ever since I knew myself, watching movies with my late father on evenings after school. He’d give me some insight into storytelling and “movie magic” because he was an avid movie lover.

Now that I had the opportunity to accomplish yet another childhood dream, much like my webcomic, I jumped on the opportunity without hesitation.

Little did I realise what a ride I was in for.

After investing all my bank into video and lighting equipment, I soon got hired for a wide range of projects, from makeup-video-tutorials for a Cosmetic company to T.V./Cinema commercials to covering Events.

Business was good.

I specialized in beauty and portrait photography, mainly focusing on women and their beauty, which I branded as ‘Photos by Amit‘. I loved my job, to say the least. I started experimenting with different art forms and styles, aiming to achieve perfection along the way. Even going as far to offer free photoshoots to aspiring models I had met on projects.

I did everything myself, from setting up lights to equipment, shooting, editing, distributing and delivering to clients. Thankfully I have the genes of a gardener, so working long, hard hours was natural to me.

A lot of models and I got close and during that period and I had the brilliant idea to launch a website for women, which later materialised into Little did I realise this would be the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

Having been somewhat “popular” in the small circles I was in, lots of women coming my way, even old-flames started hitting me up, I had my eyes set on the online media industry.

Along my way of developing HerSTYLS, a close friend who I had done several projects with, pitched me the idea of doing a T.V. Show, using it as a vessel to promote HerSTYLS till I managed to launch it.

Again, I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. This worked for me in the past.

What could go wrong?

Producing a T.V. Show one-man-team style, was no easy task. I managed to single-handedly shoot, edit and deliver a 24-minute episode every week.

Things started off well.

Midway into the season of the show, I became worried, since revenue wasn’t coming in as promised. Not a good sign. The person designated for this wasn’t pulling their weight, while I was swamped doing basically everything else.

These were early signs of trouble ahead.

I had shot 11 episodes, released 8, when I decided bleeding cash with no resolve in sight wasn’t my idea of “business”. It became a struggle I wasn’t willing to suffer for anymore so I appropriately pulled out of production and distribution.

I needed to start HerSTYLS now that I had everything in place and the name was already out there.


Launching HerSTYLS didn’t fare better either. Maybe whatever went wrong for the T.V. Show spilt over into my launch.

It made me realise how many people were leeching off me, while I toiled away like a slave. I wasn’t happy anymore. Nothing felt right. I was being used without even knowing it.

Close friends I had known since forever were the main reason I remained sane. They were the ones who helped with the launch rather than the “business associates” who promised so much.

When I realised everyone was just doing it for fame and not pulling their weight, I pulled the plug on HerSTYLS after a month and cut ties with everyone associated. I had to save my baby before they ruined it completely.

After that debacle, I went into a hole for several months partly due to the failure of HerSTYLS and observing the entertainment industry in Trinidad.

I’ve more or less put things on pause until I figure out the strange demographic of our media industry, its backward practices and standards.

Sometimes I feel we’re stuck in the 1940s of the movies era. Silent movies back then are 10x better than the crap Trinis produce now.

The industry hasn’t matured like it supposed to, with pockets of okay-ish films popping up every few years. Back in 2002, I thought it would have become a mini-Hollywood by now. Guess I over-estimated Trinis.

As of writing this journal, I only do select projects for close clients. I’m on the verge of a very big venture, that was actually borne out of the failure from HerSTYLS and the period after.

I took a few months off and really looked at what I’m passionate about, really spending my time planning out properly my course of action, rather than just reacting to opportunities.

I prefer to be in control of my destiny as much as I can, and I’ve learnt to embrace failure.

What a wild ride it has been and it’s about to get crazier. Amit Productions and HerSTYLS were just the tips of the iceberg and I’m out to sink the Titanic with the plans I’ve got.

I’m stronger now with all the experiences I’ve had and I believe there’s no stopping me now!

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