The year was 2014, I had reached “rock-bottom” in my life. Divorced, penniless, just came out of a relationship I ended and another dating period that had me questioning the people I was meeting. and my other websites were suspended due to lack of payments. Not that they were making money for me in any case because I was bleeding cash constantly to the point I went bankrupt.

I remember chatting with a friend in my field of work, and I told her, I was going to mix my personal creations with my professional work. She warned me it will hurt my image and destroy my brand. No one would respect me. I could lose it all.

Having already lost everything, I thought, what could really go wrong that hasn’t already?

Call it luck, call it chance, call it destiny. What happened next, was nothing I could have ever anticipated.

Mr. Lincoln Maharaj, owner of WebSource had known me from a previous encounter many years ago. One day we communicated via LinkedIn and I linked him (no pun intended) my portfolio of work. He then calls me up to have a meeting at his office.

The meeting went from work related to a 6-hour casual discussion about almost everything three men can possibly talk about. Mr Lincoln was looking for a relatively funny 5-minute video tribute to his hard-working staff. Little did he realise who he was hiring.

I saw an opportunity and took it!

I came back within a week or two with a completed story, script and storyboard I sketched myself.

I had the task of directing, filming, set management, acting coach, best boy grip, audio guy, film editor, producer and distributor. When I tell people I’m a one-man team, I’m not kidding.

It was a gruelling 9-day shoot spanned over a month, shooting after hours, sometimes into the A.M., trying to get the staff to be convincing as actors, doing set decorations, figuring things out as I go. Just me, the single-camera I borrowed and my wits.

It was a wild, joyous, mind-bending, lovely, messy, entertaining, self-loathing, mind-opening. experimental and fulfilling ride I’ll never forget!

Coincidentally my best friend got married the day of the release of the film, July 12th 2014.

I had spent days editing, trying to meet the deadline because shooting finished just a week before. I had barely slept and managed to render the short-film just in time to spend a few moments at the end of the wedding ceremony I missed, only to rush off to deliver the film for the live premiere that night.

When it finished and the crowd applauded ecstatically, I left the celebration prematurely, due to feeling heavy in my chest and just exhausted.

That’s me giving an employee acting tips

Mr Lincoln wanted a 5-minute montage, tribute, I gave him a 30-minute short-film he and his staff loved!

I would spend another two years, occasionally editing & re-editing the original to bring it down to a 16-minute acceptable YouTube-worthy short-film.

This film literally changed my life. I gained a long-term friend / mentor, in the form of Mr Lincoln and ‘Amit Productions’ was literally borne out of it.

I’ll never forget advice he gave me, afterwards when I told him I was “rock-bottom” during the production, which he knew nothing of.

He said, “at rock bottom, take time to feel around, embrace it, remember it, the only option is upwards; never forget what rock-bottom felt like, so you’ll never return to it”

I haven’t looked back since!


Thank you to Mr. Lincoln for everything and most importantly, believing in me.