calvin hobbes, MAD, ArchieGrowing up I was heavily influenced by comics like Calvin & Hobbes, Archie and MAD to name a few. I would also draw copious amounts of comics, aside from my sketches.

Even during High-School History class, which I loathed entirely. I would hide under a desk to the back of the class, while the teacher taught the class, and my friend, Trisha, looked out for me. After class, my good friend Marc, would look forward to seeing my new comic strips.

The year was 1996, the comic was Mr. Peanut Man, I think he was inspired by a friend with a really big head, but I never openly made it known. Every comic, he would die at the end. Morbidly funny I know. Felt normal back then.

As an adult, I never really stopped drawing “cartoony” figures, but it was more a hobby and less of a profession goal, now that I became a full-time freelance graphic designer and reality started kicking in.

I’ve always had dreams of having my own animation studio like Pixar, however, CGI Animation was a niche in my country that didn’t have any market. It still is actually.

So I realised my dreams of having such a studio would take some time. Boy was I right! I had come up with the name “immature studio” as my graphics designs identity, but it was intended to evolve into my animation company.

In the early 2000s, I was a fan of some really rare online comics, such as ‘Monkey Butler’, which I can’t seem to locate anymore. Back then I had very little knowledge about creating websites, other than basic HTML code. So the idea of a webcomic was novel to me.

You mean I get to read these comics for FREE?? I could only dream of creating my own webcomic, since I didn’t have the technical capabilities to do one myself.

Fast forward to 2011, still, a graphic designer, living paycheck-to-paycheck, married and had my son. I was a stay-at-home father working part-time on jobs for clients. I took that time to teach myself web programming and development for other reasons.

During that time, I would research like I usually do, and I came across a slew of webcomics I hadn’t discovered before. I soon realised I was not following my passion in life, while these comic creators found a way to make their dreams a reality.

I lost my vision along the way somehow.

I had created about 3 full-fledged websites by this time, and when I realised I could publish my own webcomic without any restrictions, I soon jumped on the idea. To say I was extremely excited is an understatement.

It was a big gamble at the time, but I needed to seriously pursue my childhood dream of being a comic artist. It took me some time to develop my sketching skills using a Wacom tablet since I prefer the grainy resistance of a pencil on paper, but I managed to do something close to my style of drawing, thus my webcomic was borne, under the name.

I, unfortunately, had to abandon the dream sometime in 2014 due to low income and it was taking up too much of my time, with literally no compensation other than the satisfaction of creating and publishing. Reality again had kicked in and over months of deliberating, and yet another failed relationship, and my divorce battle in court for my son just starting, I decided, to stop creating regularly for it. Slowly but surely, I tried new avenues, like creating comic-memes to gain attention, but that was also dead-in-water a few months later.

Eventually, I stopped totally, but I never closed the website down. It’s a bare-bones website that still exists in the world wide web of things. At the back of my mind I still have intentions for the name immature studio, and I’m not sure about the webcomic plans under that name, because I do have other comics in mind to pursue in the coming years, but as it stands right now, it’s simply a nostalgic reminder of a time when I lived out 6-year-old Amit’s dream.

See my webcomic website here: