When I launched Trinispace, 6-years ago, I chose to remain anonymous as its founder. I kept the brand separate from me.

The number one reason being, that our country is terribly small, and it’s very easy for someone to find you if they really want to.

Our nation is known for high crime rate and people keep disappearing without traces or any sort of hope of finding them again. Even for high profile cases. It’s horrible.

Back in 2011 a lot of people didn’t understand the website industry, only seeing Goliaths like Facebook and Google make billions of dollars, not fully understanding how and assumed anyone that owns a .com is automatically a billionaire of some sort.

I was afraid of that misconception, considering the aforementioned crime situation in my country, being a target and putting my then family at risk.

I’ve had friends stupidly ask me how’s the “big money” going with Trinispace, unaware I was, in fact, losing hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on this venture. I still am currently.

Aside from crime, I didn’t want to attract unwanted attention to myself or appear to be boasting of my accomplishments. Not realising, avoiding recognition was hurting its growth.

Fast forward 6 years, mostly remaining in the dark about my ventures, I’ve finally come out and declared it as my brain-child project.

Since I’ve gone public with it, the responses surprisingly were really positive, and people were really inquisitive about the site, now that they knew who was behind it.

I realised I was unnecessarily being fearful of things that might never happen, only hurting the brand and its potential to grow. With my name backing it, I took it upon myself to revamp and launch version 2.0 which comes out next year, 2019.

Part of me wonders, if I didn’t declare it a few years ago, would I let the brand whither away and die since it was only bleeding cash every year, and being fearful of judgement was stupid.

I’ve stopped being fearful of ‘ifs’, instead, I’ve started accepting what IS, driving positive thoughts forward and the experience has attracted some of the right people in my life thanks to this.

So I encourage you to not hide in the dark about your accomplishments, due to similar fears I had, or otherwise. Instead, be mindful, know your crowd and express it freely! The universe loves honest declaration.