I’m Amit P. RameshwarSingh, a guy from the small twin-island Republic known as Trinidad & Tobago. My ethnic background may be East Indian, but I’m 100% Trini. Or Trini to D’ Bone as we like to say.

In a nutshell, I’m a sort of creative person, whom people like to call an artist, but I rather leave that title to Van Gogh and other respected artists, who made their mark on the world, changing it forever. I’m nowhere near that!

I’m a Sci-fi addict, avid Star Wars fan, movie addict, occasional novel addict, doubles lover, hardcore gamer turned casual gamer and Media creator. By media creator, I mean, Short-film Director, Videographer, Video Editor, Motion Graphics designer, Photographer, Web developer, and social media marketer. Yes, it’s a lot!

Over the years I’ve evolved my skill-sets into various disciplines, but it all started with a pencil and paper.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been sketching and drawing. Till this day, when I see a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, I get really excited! Something about that gets my creative juices flowing!


As an adult, I realized sketch art would only get me so far! So naturally, I gravitated towards other mediums, such as digital art, CG graphics and became who I am today. I was honestly pursuing oil/acrylic paint at one point.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach, looking at sunseh… wait, wait, hold up… I’m not a pretentious douche! While I do enjoy those things, I also, I like to stay away from cliches. I prefer to experiment and try new things. Life quickly becomes boring fitting into the mold society set for us.

I like to be disruptive whenever I can.

I’m the founder and creator of Trinispace.com, a local classifieds website for my country. Which is one of the leading websites people go to. So I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.

I’m in the process currently, as of writing this blog, of developing new, useful websites for the Trinidad & Tobago market. Much of which I will reveal over time. But not as yet, so stay tuned.

I also single-handedly, conceived and founded the HerSTYLS project back in 2016. A project aimed at promoting women in my country, in a unique way no one else really has attempted to do. Which is currently in limbo.

Why may you ask? I’ll get to that, along with the course of my documenting/blogging journey. It’s a really interesting story involving multiple angles to look at.

I’m on a quest to start my own full-fledged web-based company, which was originally a side-project / hobby, that I decided to turn into an internet business venture. A lot of experimenting, failures, minor-success and other various experiences have to lead to this point.

Which is why I chose to document it.

I’m doing so many things, its difficult to pool together all my various ventures and projects, so I came up with this website to hopefully solve that problem.

Who knows, maybe I’ll inspire someone else to be as crazy and overly optimistic as I am, one day, as I have been inspired by so many other people over my lifetime.

So now that the introduction is finally out of the way, let’s get to it, and start documenting the journey of a creative / crazy person. I hope you enjoy my content 🙂