So I had been stuck for days trying to figure out a major hurdle, that would open the gates for countless possibilities on my internet adventures!

Everything seemed bleak… and I was frustrated! I had researched ALL possible methods and techniques which ALL lead back to the same “road block”… nothing made sense.

Realistically, it didn’t seem possible… the odds were against me…
But I used my positive thinking and envisioned myself figuring it out. Like literally seeing myself reaching the goal.

And you wouldn’t believe! It was a few minutes before I went jogging, When I decided to look at another technique, for a different method which I was considering but I didn’t want to, I found the “key to unlock my door!”

I swear, the sound from Ocarina of Time, chimed in my head, when it happened!!

Now when I look at it… this web adventure, is kinda like puzzles in a Zelda game. You spend a great deal of time looking for the “key” to open the next level. The only difference is, Navi isn’t there to guide you and there are NO hints… you gotta figure out your methods on your own! Yeh, scary as heck!

But when you DO figure out a problem… the feeling is euphoric! Probably similar to shooting cocaine… it resets your mind and gives you the push to go back into the fire to continue the fight!

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