In the early 2000s I got access to a PC for the first time ever. Something in me just clicked. Soon after I was meddling with 3D animation and Linux Distributions.
Pixar was using Linux as their main OS, so that’s what I wanted to do.

I meddled with Fedora, Red Hat and Debian, having to install and re-install each OS just to try them because the single PC I had at the time was limited in storage. I felt like I was on to something. However I couldn’t do my paying work as a graphic artist on the machine, so had to scrap the idea altogether.

Fast Forward a decade later, shelved my 3D dreams because it was difficult parsing reality and 3D, I kid you not! Plus the “Trini market” had not developed in the way I hoped it would.

I still had a fondness for Linux and meddled with it on my “side-kick PC” I had at the time. Ubuntu was making a splash in 2007-8, and that re-ignited my interest in the platform. For fun, I dual booted it with Fedora and showed it off to a geek friend at the time, who serviced the computers in the office I was renting in. It was, however, a pipe dream that served no major purpose other than geeky fun.

Now 15 plus years later, being a web designer, venturing into my online dreams, as I’ve been tirelessly working on for the past year, I’m met with a major ‘roadblock’ that requires knowledge, skill-sets, and money I had not anticipated.

The solution: Linux!

I’m back at it again. Who would think that my dreams of 3D animation 15 years ago, would lead me to a point in my Online Ventures where it would save my skin.

This goes to show, never give up on dreams. You never know where the pathway will take you.
To Linux and beyond!

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