It wasn’t so long ago, you could’ve walked straight up to your neighbour’s front door and ask them for ice, sugar, salt or margarine any time of the day! And it wasn’t considered offensive either!

Communities, did not have so many walls, fences and gates around houses. Streets were filled with children aspiring to be the next Brian Lara or Pelé.

Cellphones weren’t widespread, and if a parent didn’t hear from a child for majority of the day, they didn’t panic. People could travel in “PH” Taxis without fearing for their lives.

You had no clue as to what was going on in the Middle-East, until the next day in the newspapers, or international segment during the 7p.m. newscast.

Social media wasn’t even a thought back then and the term “socializing” meant physically going out there to meet real people.

Fast forward to today. The world is literally at our fingertips. We can ship almost anything from around the world and receive it within a month’s time.

We’re updated every second of the day about what’s happening globally and life has become more comfortable in certain aspects.

Yet somehow in this more connected world, we seemed to have disconnected from our humanity along the way.

Illegal guns are rampant in our communities, and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches our doorsteps, pointed at our faces, if it hasn’t already.

Crime is at an all time high, murders and kidnappings seem to be the order of the day, women and children are raped regularly, with little to no consequences on the predators.

Fear is on everyone’s minds, and although a cell-phone can be traced in a matter of seconds, people are vanishing without a trace for a lifetime.

Small businesses have to have security, when darkness approaches, and we the people have invested heavily in security surveillance of our own homes and livelihood.

We have jailed ourselves in our humble abodes, like chicken in a coup, waiting to be slaughtered it seems.

Let’s not mention healthcare, because that seems to be the least of our priorities. It’s not like we need it to survive or anything.

Our people have lost faith in National Security, and have little to no hope for a better life in this country any more.

The one question I keep asking myself repeatedly: Is this what progress feels like?


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