I admit, I was on an adding spree at one point in my life, which lead to me having nearly 1K friends. Yet having so many friends on my list, made almost no difference to my life in any way, other than saying “I have almost one thousand friends on facebook”.

It’s not that, suddenly I became unfriendly or above anyone (ie. “stush” as we trinis like to put it). I honestly stopped seeing posts from the people I cared about. My feed was filled with posts from people I didn’t know, or honestly, cared to know, and those who showed the same.

Why keep a bunch of nobodies?

This thought plagued my mind for some time, till I really couldn’t find an answer to justify having so many people on my facebook list. Sure having more people at a party is fun, initially that is. But when the party has gone on for more than 5 hours, and your just there doing the same stuff over and over, it becomes uninteresting, almost a drag.

Then there’s the fact, I almost came off facebook. I realised I wasn’t using the platform as much anymore, due to the previously mentioned reasons. I felt a bit uncomfortable with strangers, who don’t contribute to my posts in any way, seeing future updates from me, and even past ones.

Sure one may say, well, don’t post everything on facebook. While I will agree with that statement for the person, with a normal job and an 8-4 lifestyle, who works for someone. In my profession and life goals in mind, sometimes sharing more with the right people can lead to pleasant surprises and greater opportunities. It has happened many a times.

Which brings me to my final point. The right people.

A lot of the “friends” on my list, over a period of time I realised were “just there”, they neither contributed nor added to my facebook experience. It felt like a waste to me, now that I’m truly understanding the key to minimal living. It’s nothing personal against them, though, since most of them were Trinis, they’ll take it personal whether or not.

Peace of Mind

To be honest, since I did that, I feel a lot better utilizing the platform for personal use again. I don’t have to worry about offended anyone, which I tend to do regularly having had so many strangers on my list. It’s almost liberating to return to a smaller ‘friends list’. And I highly recommend it to people who feel bogged down, using facebook.


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