I honestly look forward to sleeping every night. This is one of the reasons why. I really do have amazing dreams, that are so vivid and real, I question my awake moments at times.

What’s funny is that I usually dream about things, that are occurring currently in my life, or what I ‘consumed’ earlier that day. This dream was out of no where! Literally! I didn’t watch a movie, or see anything pertaining to ANY of these characters or plot, prior.

I’m sure a lot of you, who don’t know me, or understand me, will be laughing. I would too also, if I heard anyone say this. It’s quite hilarious, my love for movies transcends into my sleep, but also uniquely amazing that I can dream such amazing details.

This is what I dreamt.

Sure, I think of movie plots of my own to pen. And I have a few in motion, currently, on paper. But this plot is totally different to what I conjure up usually!

Let’s not talk about the fact, that these characters don’t EVER cross my mind, unless I see something with them. I’m not even a fan of any of them!

A bunch of unlikely actors in one movie, makes me realise how true to nature this dream was, and has me wondering what else is hiding in my sub-conscious!

Hollywood needs to make this happen! Or I will, once I accomplish my dreams of becoming a filmmaker! I’ve already written it down in detail, and if my life permits, I’ll further it into a fully fleshed out movie.

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