Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to visit nostalgia lane, more often than necessary. It keeps me grounded in life first and foremost, along with putting a hearty smile on my face.

I did this video, years before I settled into media production properly. Long before I had my camera, I would dream of editing video.

The only resources I had, were from already “Cut” films, and turn them into music videos, which I’ve long loved, experiencing as a child.

I use to love those music video montages of movies back in the 90s. It added a an extra dimension to films, and has somewhat become a dying trend.

So you can say this is my attempt at rekindling that fire in my own way, and reliving memories in a modern fashion.

Of course I had to choose one of my most favorite films of all time, along with one of my favorite characters in fiction history.

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