Some of my earliest and fondest, childhood memories, were playing the Super Nintendo. When I’m in my nostalgic mood, Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2, and The Legend of Zelda come to mind.

I clearly remember waking up early on Saturdays, before everyone else in the house, including my big brother, just to play Street Fighter 2, uninterrupted, so that I’d be able to unlock new characters and improve my skills.

It was definitely the heyday period for Nintendo, since there wasn’t much of a competition, other than Sega, which, to me, was an obscure console at the time. Plus, Nintendo’s shady practices and draconian business deals, kept them at number 1.

For the love of Nintendo

Nintendo was dear to me, and I had not even realised it. I was either too young to understand it, and I more than likely took it for granted.

Other fond, youthful memories entailed playing Super Mario World late at night with my brother, playing Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64, and Super Mario 64.

Fast forward to today, in a Playstation, Xbox, PC Steam era, Nintendo isn’t as powerful as it once was, like in the 90s. Some of the practices that made them the dominant factor back then, probably caused them to become the 2nd (maybe 3rd) runner up in popularity.

Still, Nintendo stood by their nature to create family friendly games despite, blood, gore, war and sex, dominating the demographics for gamers. I personally can’t see the appeal to games like that in excess.

Family Friendly Entertainment

We need family friendly entertainment more than ever now. In a cruel world, such as it is today, we need to be reminded of simplicity and happiness in our entertainment. Nintendo is honestly the only company that could pull it off successfully.

They stuck it out, weathered the critics, and honestly, I’m glad they didn’t change, despite making major losses. They have, fortunately, evolved gracefully, with a few hiccups and bumps along the way, resulting in the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch Reveal

My pores raised, and I honestly fell in love instantly upon seeing the preview trailer when it was revealed in October. My heart went out to Nintendo, because I realised they finally got it right, and are possibly on the verge of reclaiming the top spot once again.

My childhood favorite company, the same one I took for granted, is finally making a comeback. Maybe they needed a decade of disappointment (much like myself) to reach this point. To release some of the old, bad habits (much like myself) to move forward in the modern era, yet retaining what made them loved by everyone.

This console, will revolutionize everything for the game industry. Even a top level Sony Exec, wants Nintendo to thrive, partially because they make family friendly games. Everyone has faith in Nintendo it seems, and I strongly do too.

I’m hoping this will be all the craze when released. That news & media stations will be covering how many people are seen in public playing Nintendo Switches, that people are no longer becoming obese, from sitting down long hours in front a T.V. and actually out in the open with their beloved games, spreading the love and joy.

I want the Switch to bring back good ole Nintendo to the top, to make family friendly games popular once more. Not just for family oriented people like my friends and I, who seem to be in the minority lately. I personally want games to be fun again, to be simply entertaining, to be bright, colourful and vibrant.

It seems everyone is stoked, and so far the reviews from some fortunate people, show the console’s promising future.

Here’s to wishing Nintendo all the best, and to hoping family friendly games become mainstream once more!

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