People be making more money and less friends
While I be going ‘brokes’ and gaining more friends!

A little insight into “Likes” (the “public eye”) and how deceitful it is:

People might look at the minimal likes on my facebook posts and comparing to some who might get 200-300.

But let’s look a little deeper.
120 likes must mean they “livin’ the life” right?
“Likes” don’t equal value. Plain and simple.
I’ve observed first-hand, many times, some get 120+likes yet they live lonely, lonely lives. Longing to just be appreciated. If only ONE of those likes actually MEANT something!

Popularity doesn’t ensure happiness.

There’s a million more things that goes on behind the scenes and that’s where the value is, that’s where the magic happens!
I can call on friends anytime, friends who pop in at any hour to my place, friends who know they’re welcomed literally ANY time by me, friends who spend literally HUNDREDS of dollars while liming and I don’t even have to pull out a dollar.
Friends who buy me pizza and tell me they love me!
I’m even fortunate to have a bro, who’s literally spending his hard earned, blood and sweat, money, promoting MY business, without me askin him and without him gaining anything from it. He just believes in me, that’s all.

Could 300-likes get you that?

I have friends who buy me random gifts, when I’ve never even given them one! And I don’t plan to! Cus they know I’m not a “gift giving” guy! Who just want to spend time with me, chill, have a drink, talk, have a laugh, play some game, burst our bellies laughing, end up in stitches, unable to move, unable to speak, spill drinks on the floor, roll up pants like flood taking place. Those kinda friends.
Friends who I don’t see for MONTHS and when we reconnect, we like bros, shit-talking each other, threatening to disown each other and then ending the day with a bro hug.

I even have friends OF friends, who are like my friends!

I have clients over the years who are like close friends and we mostly talk business ideas while having a good laugh, 5-hour meetings in board rooms, cus we just having a good time!

Could 500-likes get you that?

On top of all of this, I’ve never posted a down-boobs pic, a bikini shot or hundreds of selfies. Ok, ok that was just a joke! If you knew me, you’d know that was coming!

I ain’t trying to gloat, but I guess I am. I’m simply trying to show some people who are just like me, people who are not ‘popular’, to know your value. Know your worth, know who you are! Don’t look at others who are “popular” cuz 99% of the time it’s a lonely life. You don’t know who’s your friend cus you’re popular, or cus they truly love you.

Popularity is a double edge-sword, and you see it in the entertainment industry. Celebs who commit suicide, have substance abuse, become abusive, etc.

These are the things I reflect on in my darkest moments and I will continue to cherish them for as long as I live! I made this extra long cus I know the true friends would read, and the “piggy-backers” (as I like to call them) won’t take the extra effort to.

I leave you with this. Replace the word “friends” with “family” in all you’ve just read, that’s how they are to me and how I value them, though we not blood related! I can’t write about my family, cus I’d need a book!

Know your worth!


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