The hardcore truth really is, yes, men are visually stimulated. We’re driven by what we see and pursue with our eyes. Whether it be by design or the evolution of man, we men, gravitate to what captivates us visually.

While there is no doubt a level of visual stimuli required in our lives, there’s more to us than what meets our eyes.

This may come as a surprise, as cliche as it sounds, but some men do enjoy deep, meaningful conversations, walks on the beach, in the park, at times romantic dinners and even emotional bonding. Yes you read that right, emotional bonding!

Appearances may attract us, but we do yearn for more, we do appreciate intellectual connections, because if there isn’t any substance to follow the beauty, we soon become disinterested. We too require emotional stimulation, interaction and connection.

[huge_it_gallery id=”1″]Visual stimuli may play a certain role in our lives, but it’s not all we look for. We will be enticed visually, we will be drawn to what we see and while we may wander with our eyes,  we know once we step inside a Porsche body that has an Almera engine, it will only get us so far in life.


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