This is but a mere fraction of what most people have, to me however, this is MY EVERYTHING.
It’s why I wake late at night, into early morning, 48hrs if needed. It’s why I become a hermit most of the times. Why you won’t find me in the clubs or fetes. Why I don’t live a “normal” life.
We don’t come from means, so this is a very, very big gamble for me, placing all my chips on one bet. I stand to lose more than any of you all out there know about me.
Sure I could buy the latest iPhone, or a brand new pair of sneakers, new clothes often, eat fancy food… etc. But I choose to practice what my family has taught me, and that’s to progress in life, which requires sacrifice.
The funny thing about this, is if I were to lose it all tomorrow, I would be ok, because I started with nothing, “rock bottom” as they say. I was literally “brokes” in 2014, which pushed me to take some really big risks, and since then, I simply changed my way of thinking, and never looked back.
I don’t live in a big, fancy house, or have a brand new car to call my own. But what I do have is a roof over my head and food for tomorrow.
Plus, I have something worth a thousand times more than any of those, the support of family (I don’t have friends). Without them, this would NEVER be possible.
I would like to thank every single one of them who has backed me over the years and never given up on me. They know who they are.
Now, more than ever, I have their support! I want to thank and tell them I LOVE them ALL.
This post isn’t to “show off” or gloat about my acquisitions. It’s to portray my appreciation to the ones in my life and I know the ones who care, are the ones who won’t see it any other way, because they know me, they know what I’m about. I am a bit emotional writing this, because I know where I came from and what I had to do to reach here; It’s a step towards my dreams, and step that has a thousand miles ahead and this is just the beginning.
Who knows what the road ahead has for me. But I’ll say one thing. I’m ready more than ever to face it!
And if I could somehow inspire someone out there, who may be feeling like the odds are against them, check me, we can have a good chat about being in the gutter, and what lessons one can learn from being knocked out! It only gets better, trust me!

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